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TigerJump is the all-in-one Commercial Vehicle IoT company provides GPS Tracking, GPS Alerts, Container Door Open Alert, Cold Vehicle Temperature Monitoring and Fuel Level monitoring.

Smart and simple – this is what you will say about our service. Intuitive web-interface embeds the latest technologies, looks great and works fast. And it meets the whole range of applications – from Lorry tracking to Marketing person tracking solutions.


Interactive digital experiences are continually


Vehicle Tracking

Tiger Jump is one of the best solution provider for all GPS Vehicle tracking system. Now a day’s most of Commercial Vehicle Owners use gps vehicle tracking system in India


Over Speed Alert

Any system that ensures that vehicle speed does not exceed a safe or legally enforced speed. In case of potential speeding, vehicle owner can be alerted.


Fuel Monitoring

Fuel management systems are designed to effectively measure and manage the use of fuel within the transportation and construction industries. They are typically used for fleets of vehicles...


Geo Fence

Geo-fencing is the practice of using global positioning (GPS) to define a geographic boundary. Then, once this “virtual barrier” is established, you can configure for alerts and reports


Container Door Open Alert

When your truck container door is opened - Vehicle Owner, Manager and Driver will get alert


Highlights for end users

Modern web interface

Mobile Apps for GPS tracking

Wherever your users are, they get the agility and insight on any mobile device. TigerJump gives free ‘X-GPS’ apps for all major mobile platforms so users can control their assets from anywhere and locate other people with GPS in their smartphones or tablets.

We offer two Mobile apps for GPS tracking called ‘X-GPS Monitor’ and ‘X-GPS Tracker’. They are available for Android and iOS platforms, and can be downloaded for free from Google Play and App Store.

TigerJump's X-GPS Monitor – View your assets

The App allows users to view their assets on mobile screens: where they are moving now or were in the past. Users can also monitor all valuable information (e.g. speed, fuel level, container door open alert) in real time, and receive instant notifications about important events. The functionality is as wide as your private users may even don’t need to access the web interface.

TigerJump's X-GPS Tracker – Share your location

This App is used to locate people (e.g. mobile employees or kids) using geolocation features in their smartphones or tablets. The settings for GPS tracking mode can be flexible adjusted for pedestrians and in-vehicle use, while the smart power management reduces power consumption. In addition to the location, the App provides such features as ‘Chat’, user-defined ‘Statuses’, and other.

GPS Tracking Web Interface

Tigerjump provides web graphic interface with easy controls so that users can adjust these parameters in a very convenient way. The smarter GPS tracker is, the wider set of options is available: tracking mode, power saving, harsh driving sensitivity, special sensors, and many more.

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